13 December 2008

top 12 of 2008[or, sorry man. me neither]

the top six
the (international) noise conspiracy - the cross of my calling
nick cave & the bad seeds - dig, lazarus, dig!!
jakob dylan - seeing things
eric avery - help wanted
one day as a lion - ep
billy bragg - mr. love & justice

the bottom half dozen
saul williams - the inevitable rise & liberation of niggy tardust!
dub trio - another sound is dying
jolie holland - the living and the dead
the cure - 13th dream
oasis - dig out your soul
beck - modern guilt

single of the year - another unreleased hit
sage francis - conspiracy to riot

02 December 2008

why is everyone such a cunt?

as a worker in the suggestible chemical service industry, i deal with my fair share of douchebags. and i know why they are so upset. i am the pusherman in a legalized drug trade, there is blood all over my hands. i am the enabler, to the poor huddled masses in need of a hand out. i am upset too, likely more so. because i did not infringe upon your time. i did not come to see you. i always give back more than i receive. and you paid me, remember.

but take all that away. i am just a guy walking his dog. and yr kids are staring at the beast, who in turn is joyfully wiggling her way down the path. and yr looking at me with that stupid look on yr face. i am strolling.smiling and i say "hello' or 'evenin,' because i am justthat type of motherfucker. and then what..2 and a half grunts, and that crude look on yr face. some ancient dialect of fuck.

some people are just nice. bitch.

25 November 2008

so that's pretty ridiculous.

and wonderful. yr supposed to watch it on yr phone, i guess. too bad i'm still carrying the brick...

29 September 2008

lobster farming makes me feel dirty...

and as if that isn't enough... i stumble into the mail room at my complex, taped to the door is typed notice which reads....
suggestion for the bailout

bring the troops home

together we make a difference

to which i responded on the back in marker...

which makes perfect since since
the banks sent the troops to iraq...

what kind of difference are we making if we do not know that the private banks in crisis and the ongoing war in iraq are different issues. unless you meant to say that we would have the bailout money, if we were not waging this money pit of a war. regardless the administartion being held accountable for thit's misjudgements & the banks being held accountable for theirs are still different..the revoultion needs to be factchecked, apparently...

i had a terrible day...this just irked me at the end of it...here i go walking the dog, that usually helps...if not there's always the lobster costume...

28 September 2008

release the nerd..

finished my dharma testing today...i might make it, but i'll be expendible & exploitable for sure..

stumbled onto some interesting links, the nerd is not fully released at the moment[yeah, i lied].. so building chains...

HansoAIR..oh really...

job opportunities.. at least two foundation sites 1 . . 2

oceanic & finding815 the Widmore Group... PaikHeavyIndustries...

and of course the best fan site i've come across...

26 September 2008

little window....

saw this @ the geffen contemporary awhile back..was such a beautifully surreal time... some how i wandered back to it tonight..found the exhibition tour films. such a crazy little world this window...

06 September 2008

saving the earth smells funny

the new eco-fiendly plastic cups & lids at starbucks suck ass. at 15%less plastic, 45% fewer emissions the polar bears are happy. but come on, this is a band aid on the bullet wound of the 10% post consumer fiber, non recyclable hot cups.

.and then there's this_
plastic from pig urine ._.

26 August 2008

the mob [society as concert audience]

for years i have searched for bootleg recordings of shows i've been to. and believe i have looked through many a bootleg table in my day. it took 10 years for me to find a 'been there'bootleg tape in a day in when you couldn't record the shit on yr glasses. yet tonight i go to the hollywood bowl to sea radiohead, hear i am 3.5hrs later watching clips of the the past. crazy world. it can be quite beautiful sometimes. watch for it...

23 August 2008

dusting a digital broom

only anarchists are pretty. it just sounds beautiful.......

60s psychedelic archive

the diggers .in an attempt to convey the flavor and feeling-tone of a revolutionary community.

vintage sleaze i wouldn't know how else to say it.

eikongraphia iconography, architecture, design..

werewolf women of the ss oh, rob you silly boy.

20 August 2008

how about it pale face, did you know today is a holiday?

20 august 1994 saw the birth of a white buffalo. the harbinger of peace for the Lakota people. that's pretty cool.

the legend

19 August 2008


!!viva la mis-en-scene!!

therapy?-the boy's asleep [from semi-detached,1998].
spirited away [hayao miyazaki/studio ghibli, 2001].

so this just made my day a couple of weeks ago. it still makes my day.

18 August 2008

are you fucking kidding me???

we can argue the ethics of this for a million years. but let's face it, body modification is used as a viable identification mark for animals, in the pre-microchip days it was far more common [still is.think branding or freeze branding, tags in the ear, etc.]. come to think of it, ever heard a story of parent identifying their child by their tattoos after a horrible accident. but really??hello kitty on a dog.. really?, it's a fucking dog. i wonder how many people called just to fuck with them.

11 August 2008

giving new meaning to being destroyed___________

this guy changed my life when i was 14 years old.. with the graphic novel 'batman arkham asylum' [i'll spare you the dave mckean side, for now]. i have used his work as jumping off point into a number of topics over the years, and found in influences when i wasn't even looking. i had not seen this talk until today. i am still unsure how to respond, my brain is still mushy. tear down the scaffolding.... i'd been wondering what the next move was.

suicide girls interview

10 August 2008

another brother down.

i was not the biggest fan of bernie mac, the only connection i will ever have with him is that he died yesterday, my 33rd birthday. he was replaced on this mortal coil as six boston terrier puppies in missouri, in case you were wondering.
and then today.. issac hayes. there is definetly something afoot when you wake up late roll the stone, slave at the lobster farm all day, then come home to find out there's one less bad mother fucker in the world.

so here we are two out of three.who's next?..it's gonna be stormy monday for sure. .9.10..11...