13 November 2007

something new to get the lobsters drunk on

so starbucks sold the soul of coffee. could bringing absinthe to the masses return the subversive linage to the chain, as well as a decriminalization of sorts for the us absinthe ban. i don't think that the housewives would be as quick to hold their scrapbooking parties at the neighborhood 'cafe', whilst having green fever drunk deviants trying to make them like mermaids. well, a few may get up and shake their fins a little. but the masses would run screaming, or not. i didn't think the frappuccino would make it when it was introduced [ they've been fucking the corpse of the coffee house for what, 12yrs now? has it really been that long?], and behold yr still addicted. either way lighting the joint on fire and real green 'fairies' behind the counter beats the closeted sheep tending bar in most of these places. oh, did we mention it's already green?

Absinthe Frappé

It will free you first from burning thirst
That is born of a night of the bowl,
Like a sun 'twill rise through the inky skies
That so heavily hang o'er your souls.
At the first cool sip on your fevered lip
You determine to live through the day,
Life's again worth while as with a dawning smile
You imbibe your absinthe frappé

~ Glenn MacDonough

spoons, books, antiquities

12 November 2007

sound bombed


Ice Bird Spiral




unkle: hold my hand.

doom patroling

steven shaviro is a hardcore motherfucker. in case you were wondering. he just gave a talk at the 46th annual meeting of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy [Chicago, IL 8-10november7]. didn't even know such a thing existed, but i am glad it does. my brain cannot digest all of this right now... so rabbit holes away...... one, two, three, fore, , all the little monkeys......

03 November 2007

leins in a daisy chain

song from the game portal. found a version of this via warren ellis. then found this. still not sure how all this techofuck works. but the song explains it'??'". sure. cake..

30 October 2007

yeah...i'm not so sure either

so i'm watching these backmasks on youtube just loving the transcriptions of what these assholes hear. it really guides you through their lunatic poetry. you can sea numerous versions of the 'satanic' smells like teen spirit. fookin' hilarious. and at these same time a little poetic. these assholes should've just stole the supposed 'secret' lyrics and sold their millions records, then they could blow their brains out, and it won't just be youtube viewers watching. .

on a related note, if you buy a kurt cobain action figure, lunch box, whatever. you pulled the trigger. just thought you should know.


Saturday Evening Post - 1930s covers

halloween history



don't quote me boy

29 October 2007

billy was a lunatic barking at the moon

hope you can make it.

poster on wood plank. filtered by mennonites, rescued by dustbin12. also saved: orson welles' version of kafka's the trial.

how i build chains with missing links....
working title: the trial of billy the kid.
notes: remix funeral poster, narrative painting documenting trial. photo/historical research needed.

14 October 2007

no one needs to know any of this.

this is what passes for outdated information in rakookoo. all three of the paperbacks appear to have never been read. they don't need to burn the books when someone will undoubtedly pay 25 to fifty cents a pop for 'em.

12 October 2007

when i become a night

for years i have hated being called 'sir'. mostly because i've felt that it exhibits a false sense of respect, and a certain hierarchy that i tend to reject. this has become increasingly worse as i past 30, then the grey hairs from 32nd birthday, have not helped.....

as i drive out of the thru lane, i'm screaming to myself that 'sir' has nothing to do with a frog umbrella. i am at a loss hear.....why am i shouting at myself. why does this bother me? mostly because i know that the cheese does not stand alone. that personal freedom takes a collective. that the shape i throw is not mounted on horseback crusading on the seven o'clock news. besides, i don't even own a panama hat.

afternoon drive: sonic rapture.

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