11 July 2010

notes for super deformed cash cow

the "nail that sticks up gets hammered down" culture. I guess that some talented people grow difficult. Now they are amazed at the world.

Well, I make one laugh so much care.
Smile, smile.
Oh, it's time for the dentist.

  • Stimulate the economy more than anything else, the opinions You unanimously. From other good now, somehow, desperately.
  • Japan is trying to sabotage a money pit. Well, see more posts.
  • ~ Today is Mr. glasses [glasses]
  • printers get me onto the tiger
  • Uhm it looked really yummy baked on the net
  • If you have a Tommy-like atmosphere when people buy, the ^ ^ I'm so excited

  • Note metabolic syndrome?
  • honest. "It drew me," I, appear anywhere
  • [Image] fierce patterns! ! [Image] Ohoohogohogoho! ! [Image] ♪ Ponpokoponpokoponpokochinpoko [Image] Conclusion? ! !

  • I want to be an early soft vinyl, each other."
  • and work something like octopus looking crisp and clear feel
  • I'm like a bird monster, abolishing the wings of arrangement, and the four legs, and a highly specific form not seen in other monster
  • By the way, he has asked to die shop today to finally isopod.
  • and this is embedded in the stomach feel like.
  • Life, I'm not going to be sick in mind,

  • "Earthquake is coming!" Oh yes. Hey yeah will come someday. It helped, a natural disaster.

  • Perhaps, I mean never, "make yourself", or only a self-firing, self-suggestion (?)

  • I'm too salty! ! ! And what to look complaint.
  • Enlightenment, I never disrespect.
  • I hate to look cool man!

  • I thought that was what I, the extent of this idiot. It's not something that men do it well, probably.
    Oh ~ ~, I hate that stupid enough.

  • Everyone, please work hard this week!
    I do my best.