22 September 2009

... If/then. If/then. If/then. If/then.

He believes the world needs to know about Dead Hand. Because, after all, it is still in place, "The policy of the administration has to be seen as adventurous and serving the goal of world domination," never combined it all into a system of zombie retaliation.

le système est mort dans une chute mystérieuse dans un escalier.__Kim Amerikalılar

Americans who spoke about the system of the Soviet authorities, died in a mysterious fall steps. to take risks. He believes the world should know about Dead Hand. In the end, is still in force, "government policy should be seen as an adventure and to serve the purpose of world domination," He's a system that never avenge all the Zombie. This is a classic critique of the system and not against them? And if something goes wrong? And if a computer virus, earthquakes, nuclear fusion, and to agree a power failure, system the war began convincing? This is really important, it may be open. Now through forms and other important people may be safe. Is not secure.____"Walipize"

Americans, who talked about the system of Soviet power, he died in a mysterious decline in stages. Risk. He believes that the world should know, dead hands. Finally, still valid, "the government's policies should be seen as an adventure, and for the world's dominant position," he did not Walipize system, all the zombie revenge. This is a typical criticism, rather than them? If a problem arises? In addition, such as computer viruses, earthquakes, power failures on the system integration of the impact of the war start? Important thing is clear. Now, through a variety of forms and other important people can be safe. This is not safe.

Americans talk about the power of the Soviet system, died of a mysterious decline in his step. May. He is in the world, believe that you need to know to get dead. Finally, still valid, "the adventures of government policy, and have a look, dominant position in the world," He did not Walipize system is all the revenge of the zombies. This is not a typical criticism, what more do they? If the problem occurs? In addition, the impact of the war started, system integration, computer viruses, earthquakes, and blackouts? The important thing is clear. Now, many people form and other important people can be safely through. It is not safe.

mengi Zombies. Si ni typical kukosolewa,

Americans talk about the power system of Russia, died of the mysterious decline in his steps. May. He is the world, believe that you need to know about death. Finally, still valid, "and Adventures of government policy, and appearance, dominant position in the world," said the system has many Walipize all Zombies. Not a typical criticism, most of them? If the problem? Furthermore, the effect of the war started, system integration, computer viruses, earthquakes, power outages? Important thing is clear. Today, many people can form and others necessary for a safe way. Not safe.

20 September 2009

Red flag rising on the road.

"They're not as bad as we thought. And we're not as good as we think."
Creiem que "dolent com pensen. I no són bones, perquè no hi ha."

We believe that "bad as people think. And are not good, because there is."

Ние вярваме, че "лошо, колкото си мислят хората. И не са добри, защото е налице."

a bear mauling a person in slow motion, in a souvenir shop.
Beer Mauling 'n persoon wat in slowmotion in' n souvenir shop.

Sixty four red flags and sails for a quiet wave of big money in the company. Trouble at the office.

softness you can feel::You may feel mild

translator notes....

an explosive charge, a body in the monster factory.. questions for three days.

Explosion, the factory Monster question authority .. 3 days.

Explosion, the Monster works question the authority .. 3 days.

Експлозија, Monster дела прашање орган .. 3 дена.

Explosions, monster projects and question authority .. 3 days.

A Explosive charges, the creation of the monster plant .. Questions in the three days.

A download el explosives, the plant creació monstre .. Ask Els Tres dies.

Explosives, creating a monster plant .. the problem within 3 days.

05 September 2009

blah blah blah blah

really need to start ranting here a bit more often... there are numerous things tugging at my mind.. but now i have work to do.... if by any chance you are actually looking here.... expect more & soon.