26 August 2008

the mob [society as concert audience]

for years i have searched for bootleg recordings of shows i've been to. and believe i have looked through many a bootleg table in my day. it took 10 years for me to find a 'been there'bootleg tape in a day in when you couldn't record the shit on yr glasses. yet tonight i go to the hollywood bowl to sea radiohead, hear i am 3.5hrs later watching clips of the the past. crazy world. it can be quite beautiful sometimes. watch for it...

23 August 2008

dusting a digital broom

only anarchists are pretty. it just sounds beautiful.......

60s psychedelic archive

the diggers .in an attempt to convey the flavor and feeling-tone of a revolutionary community.

vintage sleaze i wouldn't know how else to say it.

eikongraphia iconography, architecture, design..

werewolf women of the ss oh, rob you silly boy.

20 August 2008

how about it pale face, did you know today is a holiday?

20 august 1994 saw the birth of a white buffalo. the harbinger of peace for the Lakota people. that's pretty cool.

the legend

19 August 2008


!!viva la mis-en-scene!!

therapy?-the boy's asleep [from semi-detached,1998].
spirited away [hayao miyazaki/studio ghibli, 2001].

so this just made my day a couple of weeks ago. it still makes my day.

18 August 2008

are you fucking kidding me???

we can argue the ethics of this for a million years. but let's face it, body modification is used as a viable identification mark for animals, in the pre-microchip days it was far more common [still is.think branding or freeze branding, tags in the ear, etc.]. come to think of it, ever heard a story of parent identifying their child by their tattoos after a horrible accident. but really??hello kitty on a dog.. really?, it's a fucking dog. i wonder how many people called just to fuck with them.

11 August 2008

giving new meaning to being destroyed___________

this guy changed my life when i was 14 years old.. with the graphic novel 'batman arkham asylum' [i'll spare you the dave mckean side, for now]. i have used his work as jumping off point into a number of topics over the years, and found in influences when i wasn't even looking. i had not seen this talk until today. i am still unsure how to respond, my brain is still mushy. tear down the scaffolding.... i'd been wondering what the next move was.

suicide girls interview

10 August 2008

another brother down.

i was not the biggest fan of bernie mac, the only connection i will ever have with him is that he died yesterday, my 33rd birthday. he was replaced on this mortal coil as six boston terrier puppies in missouri, in case you were wondering.
and then today.. issac hayes. there is definetly something afoot when you wake up late roll the stone, slave at the lobster farm all day, then come home to find out there's one less bad mother fucker in the world.

so here we are two out of three.who's next?..it's gonna be stormy monday for sure. .9.10..11...