27 February 2009

is that a threat?

i really hate my job. the fake corporate goons & the blind lemmings that walk off the cliff with them. it bothers me that it's only one step to becoming one of them... you can't just 'pretend' here, you have to be 'genuine' w/ yr bullshit.

the light at the end of the tunnel is in fact still a train.... i'm ready to be thrown in the pot, mr. DeMille

17 February 2009

art blogs piss me off sometimes...

so if you run an art blog and cover group art shows, then take numerous photos of an artist's work, then post said photos online to share yr love for the scene and to help spread the word about a new artist...you should post their name along w their work. it's disrespectful .. hope yr 'career" in journalism goes nowhere.. ..i'm just sayin'.