02 December 2008

why is everyone such a cunt?

as a worker in the suggestible chemical service industry, i deal with my fair share of douchebags. and i know why they are so upset. i am the pusherman in a legalized drug trade, there is blood all over my hands. i am the enabler, to the poor huddled masses in need of a hand out. i am upset too, likely more so. because i did not infringe upon your time. i did not come to see you. i always give back more than i receive. and you paid me, remember.

but take all that away. i am just a guy walking his dog. and yr kids are staring at the beast, who in turn is joyfully wiggling her way down the path. and yr looking at me with that stupid look on yr face. i am strolling.smiling and i say "hello' or 'evenin,' because i am justthat type of motherfucker. and then what..2 and a half grunts, and that crude look on yr face. some ancient dialect of fuck.

some people are just nice. bitch.

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